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Hello you! Yes, you! :) You're here on my page and yes, you will know me... maybe just a glimpse of me but since you're here, you can already see a part of who I am. I welcome you to my blogging world and I'm happy to have you here!

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Friday, October 9, 2009


Another afternoon in a cafe, waiting for my mom to come online to talk about some things that we have to do. hmmm. I'm still quite bothered about what happened yesterday. But still, I must not be too anxious. Sheesh! That was quite hard to think about. Maybe human as I am, I do fear about what's going to happen, but whatever it may be, I must be ok because God is with me. :D

Monday, October 5, 2009

One Piece: Happiness

Me and My Part (Bombet) went to a net cafe last night to do some school stuff that he has to submit today. It was kind of interesting, but that's not what excites me by then. While thinking of facts to type about his paper (mini research paper i guess, to be exact), we are buffing some episodes of our beloved 'One Piece'. :D

Wah! It's like we were so motivated to finish what he has to do with their research paper because we are too much excited about watching the episodes. When the printing of the paper were finished, we started watching the said anime. weeeh! :D

Yosh! Surely, this anime can make us cry, laugh, and giggle a lot! And because we were so into it, we haven't noticed the time. Gosh! alas singko naman diay! hahaha (twilight) hayag na gud sa gawas ato! hahaha

Fun, fun, fun. We had so much fun watching Luffy and the gang. :D We simply love all of them. haha. Nakatapos kami ng 10 episodes in a row! mga adik na jud mi ani! :D Thank you Lord for giving us the chance to watch 'One Piece'. Even if masyado kaming pasaway. Thanks for the bonding moment with My Part. :) this is: Happiness.

anxiety mode

Huhuhu. I'm in the middle of searching uploaded episodes of One Piece and I can't find any with good quality and english subs! T_T help. . .

Sana makahanap ako. :(

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Loving Them

Another 'Sabado Night' with my barkada. Another moment to cherrish and remember. Another chance to be with them. I simply thank the One above for each chance given to be with them, because i know that not long from now I would be far from all of them. I can no longer be with them but I know that they will be missed and they would always be remembered. And I know, thay would feel the same with me. Gosh. Just thinking about the time I would have to go makes me wanna cry now, but I shouldn't. I must not.

Hmmm, I know this will not be the last time that I would be thinking or would be saying things like this. I just wanna burst out what I feel for them. I do love them. They are special and I am simply thanking God I have them in my life now.

My labs apple:she would always and forever stay in my heart wherever I may be. I love her. and also her Papang Bong, I love him. I will always love him for loving my labs and for taking care of her always. I know kamu na jud!
Jepoy and Faiza:they would be having their baby boy soon. I know that this great step ahead would not be easy but I know everything will work out well for their family. I love them so.
Pangga:i simply adore all his knowledge and passion about lots of things. And for that, I would always be praying that someday he will meet the right girl for him. Diba Padz?! and to Madz Joyce, I hope she will be okay in her journey even if ofetn times she's not around with us. I still love her.
Utol:I treat him not just my brother but a friend that would always love me. Often times we may have some misunderstandings but I know and I would always have the hope that someday you will be that someone you wanted to be. I love my Utol.
And My part:sheeesh. What elsa can I say? You are my partner and we are one. Everyday of my life, you will be with me and with our Creator above. I love you so much.

So many more things to say. Pero siguro, I have to preserve it muna. Baka maiyak ako! hahaha
So, every Saturday that we'll have the chance to have our tapok-tapok, I can only say, "Thank God it's Saturday." :D