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Monday, October 5, 2009

One Piece: Happiness

Me and My Part (Bombet) went to a net cafe last night to do some school stuff that he has to submit today. It was kind of interesting, but that's not what excites me by then. While thinking of facts to type about his paper (mini research paper i guess, to be exact), we are buffing some episodes of our beloved 'One Piece'. :D

Wah! It's like we were so motivated to finish what he has to do with their research paper because we are too much excited about watching the episodes. When the printing of the paper were finished, we started watching the said anime. weeeh! :D

Yosh! Surely, this anime can make us cry, laugh, and giggle a lot! And because we were so into it, we haven't noticed the time. Gosh! alas singko naman diay! hahaha (twilight) hayag na gud sa gawas ato! hahaha

Fun, fun, fun. We had so much fun watching Luffy and the gang. :D We simply love all of them. haha. Nakatapos kami ng 10 episodes in a row! mga adik na jud mi ani! :D Thank you Lord for giving us the chance to watch 'One Piece'. Even if masyado kaming pasaway. Thanks for the bonding moment with My Part. :) this is: Happiness.

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