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Saturday, June 19, 2010

♥ Papeng's Girl ♥

Dad, Daddy, Tatay, Papa... Whatever we call them, it's their day. :)

It has been almost a month that I haven't been blogging. Hmmm. Uninspired? Well, maybe. And not until today that I felt that I should be blogging this, for I believe that this day's special.

Papeng -- that's what I call him and a lot of people knows him by that alias too. I find it cool. :) When was the last time I saw him and was with him? It was the day when we, me and my younger brother, were about to leave our hometown. Sigh. The scenes are still so fresh in my mind. The moment when I was hugging him tightly, crying at the same time, and having the feeling that I don't wanna let go because I know it will take years for us to see each other again. When was the first time I felt that way? Maybe about 19 years ago, and by that time, I really don't know if when will I see him again. God is just so good that there have been times that I was able to spend some time with him during my younger years, yet goodbyes are always present. I'm kind of wondering why is it that it often happens between us? I've never been with him for that long really, but I do feel him always. For all the years that I was not with him, it felt different in a way that I'm always looking for something missing in me. As a child I felt that way and now, I feel the same way. Being apart from him is maybe a part of my life that I have to take. Communication is always present but it's really different having the person right there and there whenever you wanted it. Whenever you wanted to pour out everything or you wanted his shoulders for you to cry on. I can't deny the fact, I am a 'Papa's Girl', aside from the fact that I'm actually the only girl among his children, but I really can tell that I am such because of the connection we always have even though most of the time we are apart. For some reasons, he always reminds me of Our Father above. Far yet so close. ♥ Indeed, that's what he is like. Patient, forgiving, full of wisdom, and his love is unconditional. :)

To you Papeng: Happy Father's Day. No words could ever describe how much I am thankful to Our Father above because I have you as my Father here in this troubled world. No one could ever take your place as my papa here on earth and I will always feel blessed because of you. You inspire me in so many ways and your words are always kept in my mind and heart. I will always miss you, Pang. My love for you is always. You are my hero. ♥