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Saturday, July 24, 2010


It only happened this year that I've realized I do have a passion in taking photos. I like to take photos but unlike before, it now interests me to capture nice, beautiful scenes and things. When I find something intersting, I'll take a shot of it with my Sony Digital Camera (DSC-S730). This camera was actually given by my Tito Patrick and Tita Des, when I was still in Davao, when they had their summer vacation there last year. It's not as good as the other digi cams emerging these days, but I do love my cam. We have a sort of bonding already. And yes, I wanna learn more on taking photos, hopefully, with a better camera one day. (:

What I've been up to lately is joining some groups in my Flickr account. I'm really inspired with the photos these amazing photographers have and my heart longs more to learn such techiques on how they could capture such amazing shots! Most of them even melts my heart. When I see the picures of nature from different places, they seem to take me to a different world. I can say that God indeed made this world a very lovely planet to stay. (:

Here are some of my favorites:

By looking to these photos, it's as if escaping from the real world. As if wanting to actually be in these certain places where I could witness how wonderful this world really is. And yes, this is somehow, one of my escapes now. (: Reminding me that even though the world is indeed a troubled place to live in, still there are a lot of things to be appreciated and be thankful for. So, PRAISE YOU, GOD. (:

Here's a link of some of my favorite photos in my Flickr's 2nd account. Try to visit it and discover beautiful pictures. You might then find yourself escaping with me, too. :(

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Song for HIM

I can still remember that day when our band, '5sensez', was listing the songs that we would like to pactice on and play. Songs that we wanna play. I think that was the same time that we were kinda preparing for a said gig. I think it was for the 'Araw ng Dabaw' Festival in Davao, City. Yes, we were given a chance to play for that said event sponsored by San Miguel Beer Corp., along Torres Street. Well as usual, zepra dito, zepra doon. Marami na din kaming songs na na-practice or na-kapa and this certain song was included to those. We were not able to play this song doon sa event kasi 5 songs lang ang pwede and mas pinili ng bandang yung mejo kampante ang lahat sa tutugtugin. But I can say, ito ang pinaka-favorite ko sa lahat ng na-kapa ng banda, kahit nung nasa 'Section8' band pa ako

 The first time I've heard this song, napamahal na kagad sa 'kin ang it was easy for me to memorize it's lyrics. Then, when I was already so in to the song, na-realize ko, pwede ko pala kantahin 'to for HIM. (: So, simula nun, this song is already listed in my favorites. The song is called 'My Heart' from one of my favorite bands, Paramore. (: Ermm, kung papakinggan nyo yung song for the first time masasabi nyo sigurong "rock" sya or loud or even some kinda "noise"! But, when you'll look deeper into it's lyrics, grabe! Mabigat sya and very profound. Bahalag murag "rock", hindi nman namimili si Lord diba? As long as it comes from the heart. Singing, "...this heart beats for only You, my heart is Yours!"

Hope maka-relate kung sino man ang nagbabasa nito now, hehe. I really love this video of the song kasi live sya. (Hay, imagine-in nyo nalang, nung ako yung kumakanta nitong kantang 'to, perti ka SCREAM jud! But nakaya naman.) Haiz. I missed singing this song with my band. sighs.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Making the Trade

Ok, so again, it has been almost a month now that I haven't blogged. What does this mean? I'm really sooo uninspired?! But hey, I know I am. Maybe I'm just being lazy. Oh well, before I'll be super busy in the days to come, I wanna share this one short story which made a difference in me and I'm really hoping that, to anyone who could read it, it could make a great impact too. This is from the book I've read months ago, 'I Kissed Dating Goodbye' by Joshua Harris. The book is mainly about entrusting God your love life or boy/girl relationship. I believe that it is really a must-read book, specially to the singles out there. I can say that God really did use Joshua Harris well to come up with an awesome book such as this. Truly inspirational!

The story goes like this:

One day, a boy who has a bag of marbles proposes a trade with a little girl who has a bag of candy. The girl gladly agrees. But as the boy gets out his marbles, he realizes that he can't bear to part with some of them. Rather dishonestly, he takes three of his best marbles and hides them under his pillow. The boy and girl make the trade, and the girl never knows he cheated her. But that night while the girl lies fast asleep, the boy has no peace. He's wide awake, pondering a question that nags at him: " I wonder if she kept her best candies, too?" -- Like that little boy, many of us walk through life plagued by the question "Has God given His best?" But the question that we must answer is "Am I giving God my best?" -- You and I will never experience God's best, in singleness or in marriage, until we give God our all.

With this simple story, I can remember this verse in the Bible that says, "Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." -Matt. 6:33. So before we even worry about our love life or anything related to it, we should then ask ourselves first if we are giving God our ALL.