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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Let The Real Challenge Begin!

Months ago, I can say that life has really been a challenge for me, and that means EVERYTHING that happened was a great challenge for me. Yes, I've been so down many times and those were possibly near the point of giving up. Yet, I was still sure that I'll be okay because I know who's in control of me. To think of the times that I was so melancholic, God made Himself visible through the people who were always there for me no matter what and for that, my heart's singing with pure joy!

I can still remember seeing myself being so sad, worried and crying, most of the time, about certain things and that includes not having something to do still, or not having a work/job for that matter, for the reason that I really wanted to be busy enough so that my mind would be occupied by something else and not just all those unwanted feelings and thoughts. Patience? I can say that I've been patient enough but I can't deny the fact that for how many times I asked God, "Lord, kelan pa ba?". And He would always answer me with, "Hintay ka lang. I know what I'm doing." And so, there I see myself patiently waiting for the things He'll soon reveal.

I tried to search and apply in some companies even to those unrelated to my profession (Nursing). And Nope! Wasn't lucky to get some job on those. But I didn't give up. Luckily, during the last week of June, I was blessed of having the chance to work as a volunteer at Scope (Knox), a disability care centre not far from our place. It was Tita Fida (one of my Mom's close friends) who helped and supported me so that I could get in there and work as a volunteer. The experiance there was really awesome! Having to meet new people and, at the same time, be there to support disbaled clients with their activities. I've learned a lot of new things, too. Though there were some times that I felt anxious because I have to adjust on so many things, especially with the persons that I would be working with and with the things that are really new to me. I'm not paid on doing this work, hence the word 'volunteer', but it's really worthwhile. :) Nasabi ko nga sa Kanya, "Gusto mo talaga 'ko maging nurse Lord noh?" God knows best indeed!

I've been volunteering for a month already when I had the chance to talk with the Scope's manager at Knox about any vacancies they might have and that I'm available if they would be needing someone. Again, luckily, they were willing to give me a job though I should first comply with the requirements needed to be done before I could get the job. One of the requirements was to have a First Aid Level 1 Training, and so I went through that. Another was the 3-day Scope Induction/Training at Kingston Centre, and I went through that as well. Applying for the 'Working with Children Check' was not a pain anymore because I've already done that before and I just have to apply for the employment card. Having everything done, I'm now qualified to get the job.

As I look back, I can't help but smile and say, "Lord, ang galing-galing Mo po talaga! Para s'an nga ba yung lahat ng pag-iyak ko?! Eh alam Nyo naman po kung anong dapat sa 'kin. I just need to be patient enough and trust." He really does know what He's doing and what's ahead has already been planned:

I wasn't able to get a job on the companies unrelated to the line of my profession;

I was able to work as a volunteer first, to be aware on what's happening and have a period of adjustments in the work place where He wants me to be;

after a month of volunteering, I'm now qualified to get the job having the chance of completing everything they are requiring me to do;

and this week, I'll be a 'Disability Support Worker' officially! And hey, this is my first time of being employed with a job related to my nursing profession. For this, I could gain some experience and confidence in myself on working as a nurse. :)

I'm now saying to myself, "Let the real challenge begin, Christine!" Because I know there would be greater responsibilities ahead of me and stressors would always be around that could worry me. I still have to review and prepare for the IELTS exam that I would be retaking soon and that too, would once again be a challenge for me. But same as before, I know who holds my heart, my mind and my life, and for that I know everything will be alright.

So I say, "Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails." Proverbs 19.21