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Monday, November 8, 2010

In Someone's Subconscious Mind

Well, since today is my 'self-proclaimed' day-off, I will spend some time blogging here, which I'm finding hard to do now-a-days. Sheeesh. Busy much?

Anyways, I'm just overwhelmed about a certain thing from yesterday. A certain person suddenly made himself visible after some time. Well, I don't know his reasons but, avoiding me maybe? I really don't know. So yeah, I already have the thought that this person has forgotten me already.. But wait, maybe that's an exaggeration.. Let me rephrase.. I already have the thought that this person is not thinking about me anymore. Hmmm.. Which makes it clearer to me now because he said that I was in his dream last night, which means, I am in his subconscious mind. Well, literally, he might not think about me really.. But still i am there in that portion in his brain or mind in which he is not concsious about and is a good thing, or is it? Oh well, somehow, it means a lot to me.. Not really a lot but yeah, I felt good after knowing that. Maybe because this person is still and would always be a part of my life even if there were many not-so-good-things that happened between us. Life is a roller coaster ride really! It excites you.. Makes you feel sick and wanted to vomit.. Makes you high, makes you low. But what matters most is you enjoy the ride. Is that even connected to what I'm blogging here? Geez. I'm now having random thoughts. Typical me, I guess.

That's all for now. :)
Will continue doing some paper works after this, so help me God!

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