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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

90th Entry -- A Weakling.

No blog entry for April, one entry for May and this -- first entry for June. Yes, I haven't been blogging too much. Wondering why. Wondering what's wrong. I don't wanna be too emotional yet here I am, starting this blog with a sigh.

June already?! How quick is the time? Can't even pause it for a while and do all the things that I have to do. You know, like when you watch a certain movie, where you can pause it for a while and just play it again after doing a certain thing. At this moment, I should be honest enough to say that I am tired of EVERYTHING! At this point, I am no longer certain on what I feel. It feels like I'm just floating on where I am, not knowing where to go, not motivated enough to reach the goal, not inspired to keep on moving forward. I say to myself, "What a weakling? You should be better than that! But look at you? Going no where." Yes, I am a weakling. Last month, I said my spirits are still high, but now I can say that it's falling down and that's not a good sign.

Today, on my way home, I gave in. I cried. Sign of weakness again. There's too much unwanted feelings hidden inside me and I don't know what to do or how to deal with it anymore. So yes, I prayed. I prayed hard. And you know what? He gave me a wonderful message for this day. That He is God -- God is God. He reminded me that He's just there. And then, I was ashamed of myself. I forgot that He's just there. Forgot that I should be thankful for a lot of things. Forgot that I should not just look on the hardships, but to every single blessing He's giving me. Forgot that I can't do anything without Him on my side, doing things on my own.

And so I said to myself that I shouldn't continue to be like this. I should be strong because I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. I know I can do better. I must prove to myself, especially to Him, that I am not a weakling. He didn't send me to this world to be weak and just fail. Whatever is the purpose on why I'm here on where I am, it's according to what He had planned for me. And I do believe that His plans are always great, always amazing.

(from Our Daily Bread, 7th of June '11)
Lord, help us trust You all the time
Regardless of what comes our way,
Accepting from Your goodness that
You always have the final say. —Sper

Life is hard, but God is good—all the time.

Friday, May 13, 2011

14th of May -- You can't always have what you want.

Yes, I've been so bad. Haven't blogged for ages! :( I don't even have an entry blog for April. But oh well, what can I do? For the past weeks, I have been super busy. A lot of things happened and I don't know where to start. :/ Maybe I should just point out all the things that are keeping me busy. Sometimes I wonder, is it good to be busy and do a lot of things or just do nothing at all?

Well, last week my mum got sick and it went really bad. As I can remember, it started on Thursday, 5th of May. I haven't had enough sleep looking after her because I'm worried on what's happening to her. I sorta thought that it was just a flu bacause she has this flu-like-symptoms, but we eventually found out that it wasn't a flu at all. So she was referred to a hospital where further tests and treatment could be done. And yes, it was the day of my birthday when she was admitted to the hospital. :( But all is good now, medications are working on her and she's better than before. I'm still hoping for her fast, total recovery.

I also wondered why I felt that my birthday is nothing so special. I felt like I am not special at all. I even ended up comparing my birthday last year and this year and thought they're somehow the same. The same in a sense that last year, it was so difficult for me to celebrate for my birthday because I was broken hearted and now, a lot of things are bothering me and making me feel that I am not going anywhere to make me feel absolutely good about myself. But I'm still thankful about this new year given to me but hey, I am human and I have feelings and sometimes I do need some appreciation too. And yes, it feels good to make others happy, to make them feel loved and cared for, to be there for them always -- but like any other person, I wanted people to do the same as well. I know this is bad, I can see myself complaining and I'm being 'nega' again, but this is what I feel at the moment. I should really learn not to expect more from people because it hurts knowing that you can't always have what you want.

And this one more thing bothering my mind and my emotions! This is what I hate most at the moment. I am confused and this is really not the time to be emotionally confused or bothered because there are a lot of things happening already! -- The past is haunting me again and it sucks big time. :( Another reason for me to learn not to expect too much, 'coz I might end up in tears again.

So much for the 'emo' side, another thing that's keeping me busy is work, as usual, and the course I am taking related to that -- the Certificate 4 course. My birthday night ended up doing some study with my workmates, Teresa and Dylan. Assessments and research are needed to be done and it was so bad doing it the night before our class. But it was all good, we were able to complete the questions we needed to answer and it was also good that finally, we already have an idea for our major project which needs to be presented at the end of the course. So yes, we are gonna be super busy about this on the weeks and months to come.

Okay, I don't know what to say anymore and I might end this blog soon. But I still feel like saying something.. Hmm.. Maybe I just wanted to say this -- eventhough I am physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted, I have to say that my spiritual level is still high. Faith that keeps me going, faith that is keeping me tough. And as long as this faith is burning in me, I know I can and I will succeed on anything. Go meeee! :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

30th of March -- Happiness Is A Choice!

I am really sorry 'coz I said on the blog before this one that I'm gonna be blogging again but I didn't. Yeah, that was yesterday and yes, I was indeed too busy! >.< So anyway, I am here again and I'll try my best to blog some more. I don't know what exactly I should write in here now but as usual, I'll say what I have to say.

Hmmm. Where should I start? :s Ok, I'll start on some happenings today.
Usual routine really -- wake up, go to work, home, and sleep! -- more about work today? Well, I did had fun! :) Not too toxic today but tiring really, as usual, but I am happy. :) I remembered one of the staff asking me yesterday if how do I feel at work, how do I feel about work. I answered back a simple response and said, "I am happy! :)" and he was sort of surprised about my response. Well, that's really what I feel. Should I explain more? :) He further said that he was surprised and wondered why am I happy, saying that he hopes it'll stay long or it would last, and then I thought and said to myself, "Why won't it last? Happiness is a choice!" Yes, I knew what he meant. Thinking that the job we have is tiring and some other facts to be considered to say that happiness would be temporary on this field. But you know what? I don't care! :) 'Coz I am happy and I will be happy 'coz I am and will choose to be happy all the time!

A special friend of mine said to me before that happiness is a choice. At first, I didn't understand what it means but later on I realized that it is true. I would not be saying this just for the heck of saying it, but I am saying this now based on my own experience. Indeed, choosing to be happy is one of my everyday decisions. Whether I would like my day to be sad or just be happy. Yes, we couldn't avoid happenings which make us worried, troubled, sad, lonely, or down.. But still, it is in our hands if we would let these 'nega' feelings eat us in whole! So, should we let them? Of course not!

I'm pretty sure that I blogged something about this before -- that one of the secret ways to be happy is to appreciate every single thing in our lives. Every detail, every second -- because every second counts as a gift. :) Feel blessed, be blessed.

Nighty night everyone!

Monday, March 28, 2011

29th of March -- So Much To Thank For

Ok, I've only got a couple of minutes to do this so I'm gonna be quick! I know I haven't been blogging but hey, I am just too busy. Anyways, I will blog again maybe tonight, after work.

So this is just a short one, I just wanted to express my happiness -- for all the blessings, for all the happenings in my life lately. For the people around me, for all the things I have, for the support and for the love. Yes, I am so blessed and I am more than thankful for everything! All credits to My King, He is indeed taking care of me, His princess.

Bye for now, gotta work! :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2nd of March -- Can't Wait For The Weekend

This day has been a good one. Well, of course it's a good one but I'll tell you more about it on why. ;)

This morning, at work, we did the papaer making program and I was with Faye, one of the staff at work and she's a lovely lady I should say -- inside and out. It all went good, everyone worked hard including the clients. After an hour or so of working, Lee, one of the staff, approached me because I had to head down to the reception office where Tanya is (a lady down the front office, who does most of the paper work on all client's profile updating and files). I head down there with my key client's profile from our staff room. So anyway, it was all good. My client's profile was updated already and I am happy about it. There were still some bits and pieces not done but it's pretty much alright as of the moment. Thank You Lord for that one. So after that, I went back to our room and continued with our paper making program. FF (fast forward) -- lunches were all good, we were on time on everything today actually and that is really a good thing. I had my lunch on time, as said on the roster. In the afternoon, I had a swimming program and today, I swam two clients (well, assisted two clients in the pool, in that sense). I was alright about it and we had fun down the pool. :) Thank God again.

Time to go home, but not yet, 'coz I had to meet Mum and Jc at Knox City to do some grocery shopping for the camping and yes, I AM REALLY EXCITED about the camping! I am going to a camp with Beck, my BBAF (best buddy Aussie friend), and I know that it is gonna be awesome! She said we'll be in a group, 15 people to be exact and that's gonna make it more fun! So now, I am really praying for God's guidance for everything that's gonna happen on the weekend. Before we did shopping, we ate at KFC first 'coz we were hungry, and after we enjoyed all our meals, we head down to Coles to do the grocery shopping.

When we got home, I started packing up -- yes, I haven't started packing yet 'coz I am super busy, I must say. Anyway, I am done with that now and I think I've got everything I need for the camp. Yey! I can't wait! :) Tomorrow, after work, Beck and I are gonna pop-in at our place and get all my stuff and head to their place up in Monbulk. I will spend all weekend with Becky and the rest of the group. Ooohh, how I miss camping. Just like my high school days. :)

Anyway, tonight, my Mum and I were able to ring my Utol and it was really nice. Having to hear my Utol's voice again over the phone makes me wanna hug him so tight and say, "Everything's gonna be alright!". Because at the moment, he is really nervous about the operation his son is goona have and that'll be on the 4th of March and it is a major one so we are really praying for that. May God be with my 'pamangkin' and may He guide all the medical team who are gonna be there to do the operation. I know it is not gonna be easy for my Utol and his partner, Mech, but God is good and He always is so I told them not to worry too much. I also promised Utol that I'll text Mech from time to time to monitor what's happening to them in Davao, at Brokenshire Hospital to be exact. So Lord, thank You for the success. We are claiming the victory now because I know You are that good. I am excited for my 'pamangkin's' wellness! I will be a prayer warrior for them tomorrow.

Now, I am ready for bed and I am glad that blessings were so visible on this day. All I can say is, "God, You are so great!".

Goodnight everyone! :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

1st of March -- So Much Things To Do!

Hello March! Hello surprises! Hello busy-ness!

Dear, oh dear! I've got so many things to do and I've got tons of things running in my mind right now. Geez. Where should I start? This blog will definitely be a long one, 'coz first of all, I've got a lot of things to say and talk about, and second, I have decided to blog here more often -- like if I can, I will do it daily. If I'm not that good, it should be weekly then. Well, it is because of my memory (pretty pathetic actually), 'coz I keep on forgetting the things that happened weeks ago, days ago, and worst, hours ago. Yes I know that I'm too young to keep on forgetting things but this is 'me' and if it is gonna help me recall the happenings of my life through blogging, I will do it. I MUST do it. (I'm pretty bad on recalling things, to be honest -- I am forgetful!) So, with the help of my 'diary' which I got from work, it's more of an organizer really, where I write on the things happening, plans, work related stuff and places to go, I know that I can do this! So, help me God. :)

Alright, let's keep the ball rolling!

I will start blogging on what happened last week:

21st of February, Monday -- Annoying.
So this was the day when I had to wake up 3am in the morning because of this stupid nightmare! Yes, a nightmare again. And who would like that? It was the worst nightmare I had ever with the same person over and over again! Gaaaah! I've had enough really. But oh well, I'm over it. Another annoying thing was about this person that I had to let go, 'coz I believe that it is the best thing to do for now. I won't say anything about that anymore 'coz i'm over it now, thank God. So moving on, I had to work this day 'coz I need to replace someone from work. I was running a bit late but got in at work just on time, 9am sharp. I immediately ran down to help with base group things with our clients and when I look up the white board just outside the team leader's office, I saw that I had to replace Bec C. that day, though she's in but she has this fracture on her right hand and she's on light duties. So anyway, in the morning we did bowling with our clients. First, we were outside but when it started to rain, we ended up heading back to our room. There was enough space to do it there so we managed to enjoy the game inside. After helping out with lunches and stuff, I had to go swimming in the afternoon. I sort of had a bit of a problem after having my lunch 'coz I don't have my bathers with me 'coz it's not my swimming day. Luckily, I found some spare ones in the laundry and ended up using those which were quite big for me, literally, but I managed to fit them to myself and adjusted them a bit. I swam with one of the clients and we had fun down the pool. When I got home, I was like, "oh no.. My back is giving me so much pain!" It will all start on my right shoulder and would radiate up to the neck, and all over my back. The pain is giving me so much pain really. And yes, this was the reason why I decided to have it checked the week before.

22nd of February, Tuesday -- Momi and On-g's day-off.
My mum took a day off to be with me this day. Well, we've got a lot of things to do so it's worth having a day off for mum. First, we went to see the doctor at the medical clinic down at Knox City and we were lucky to be attended by a nice and good doctor. And so I told the doctor my complains about the pain my back is giving me and she said I must do some X-rays. So I went to the X-ray department and the I've known that the results will be given the day after that. I decided to ring the team leaders to let them know that I will not be able to work the next day 'coz I need to go back to the doctor. Karyn, one of the team leaders, was alright with it. After that, my mum and I had lunch at this wicked place called "chocolate" and it was a blast! We enjoyed our lunch, we enjoyed our drinks (so yummy), and we enjoyed the place. :) Another date with mum, ey? And oh, I booked for an exam that I am gonna take the next day as well. Woah!

23rd of February, Wednesday -- God is super good!
I went back to the doctor in the morning to know about the results on the X-rays done the day before. The doctor said that the bones were all good but she still reffered me to do an Ultrasound of my right shoulder 'coz maybe the problem is with the muscles or tissues. I was happy to know that it is not a serious one, but I am still having that Ultrasound to check whether there are problems inside really. Better do it now than later on when it's worst I believe. Moving on, I went home and reviewed for this Learner's Permit Test that I have to take in the afternoon. This test is for learning how to drive. I was really nervous and who wouldn't be? I think everyone that is gonna have an exam or test will be nervous. Anyway, I felt like I was having a fever because of the anxiousness I feel inside. My heart is beating so fast! I was just praying and praying until my mum and I headed to Vicroads building, where the testing centre is. So I registered at around 2:30pm because my schedule was 2:45pm for the test. When I was already inside the test area where you can see all the computers where I was gonna have the exam, I can say that I was ready for it and I managed to settle myself and said, "This is it!" When I sat there infront of one of the computers, I prayed and started to answer the 32 questions. I finished like around 3:10pm and was quite confident on my answers though I wasn't very sure with few of the questions. When I head to the counter to see one of the supervisors, she was smiling and said that I passed the exam! Woohoo! Lucky me! :) I was so happy. "Thank God!", I said. And so I payed for the fees and had a photo taken for the Learner's permit card. Though this is just the first step to get the driver's license, I know I will have a license soon and will be a good driver. We headed back home and I treated the family with pizza for dinner. Yes, I am that happy. :) I am gonna hit the road soon!

24th of February, Thursday -- Fun-tastic Day with Becky!
This day, I had papermaking program with Beck and it all went good in the morning. In the afternoon, we sort of had a relaxing time outside with the clients. Beck and I had a deal. Because she wants me to sing for them, I told her I am gonna sing if she will eat the other half of my Snickers chocolate bar. Haha. I did that because I know she's avoiding sweets or chocos in that matter, 'coz of the diet thing. So anyway, she agreed and I ended up singing a few songs for them. Becky dear, I so love you! LOL. When I got home, my mum's friend was there, Tita Ev. They were doing karaoke and so I joined it of course! Nice warm up from work, I should say. Hmm, fast forward. I cooked filipino way of cooking pansit canton for dinner and everyone loved it, thank God for that. LOL. After dinner, I watched my favorite TV series, Grey's anatomy. My day was complete by then.

25th of February, Friday -- TGIF!
Outing day with Teresa at work. We went down to Bayswater Pub and had our lunches there with our clients. We had a lovely day saying, "This is work. Outing and having fun! Lol." and yes, we were happy, except for that drunk man who approached one of our clients. We immediately decided to haed back to the centre because of that. But it was all good. :) and... Hmmm. Yes, I don't know what follows that anymore. :( That's all I can remember for this day for now. No details in my diary 'coz I haven't written any about this day. :(

26th of February, Saturday -- Tita Mary's Birthday.
I woke up pretty early for a Saturday morning, around 9am I think. Gotta prepare and pack up 'coz I am gonna spend my weekend at Tita Fely's place! Woohoo! Fast forward a bit. I left home 11am and had to walk to Knox City to catch the bus heading to Chirnside Park where Tita Fely and I have to meet to go to Tita Mary's birthday party down at Lilydale. I arrived at Chirnside maybe around 12:30pm and was waitng for Tita. She was a bit late and was trying to ring her on her mobile but there was no answer. She was actually waiting for my call on their landline that's why she was a bit late. So anyway, she got there around 1:00pm and we started heading to Tita Mary's place. When we got there, she was alreay outside, near their gate, ready to welcome us. And so, holding the cake Tita Fely baked for her, which is what I was really excited to have a taste, we went inside and few of their friends were there already. Oh actually, they were waiting for us to start eating for lunch. That was a shame, but anyway, all is good. There were a lot of food! Woah! When I saw the table, I said, "Yes! Food, food, food!" because I am super hungry! LOL. All the food on the table were all YUM! i had a taste of everything. Haha. Typical me. I was so full and was still munching some fruits after having the main meal. After some time, we decided to dance with the tune of Filipino Music and some Abba ones too! That was good fun really, though I was the youngest among the group. It's pretty much like that when I am with Tita Fely and her friends, but I don't mind. They're all good, all lovely to be with anyway. They're all pinays, I should say. We also talked about a lot of things. About life here in Aussie and life in the Philippines. Talked about life's hardships and triumphs! All sorts of stuff. I really had fun this day. Will definitely hang out with them again soon. :) Before we headed back home, some of us were able to pick some 'kalamansi' on one of Tita Mary's trees at their front yard. I was also able to take some photos of the beautiful roses she has. Then it was time to say goodbye and we were able to take some of the food home! Yahoo! LOL. Another happiness! Haha. When we got home, to Tita Fely and Tito Alan's place, we watched one of Tito Alan's dvds called BBC Earth, featuring the nature and planet earth's beauty. We were amazed of everything we saw with that one dvd and the pack has got 6, I think. It caught my interests really. It is always interseting to know about the things you don't know, you know? :) while watching, we were eating some cake. Yes, eating again! Haha. And that was with coffee. Ooohh yes, this is life. Thank God for weekends! :)

27th of February, Sunday -- Black Swan.
I woke up quite early for a Sunday morning. Had a coffee and a chat with Tito and Tita. Then we decided to have a lunch out and so we got ready and headed to Tito's favorite resto called "La Porchetta". Pizzas are their specialties and as well as pastas. The three of us ordered different kinds of pastas and they were all very nice. I was so full again, and I know that I am eating so much. Well, I don't care. I am not on a diet anyway. LOL. So after having lunch, we dropped Tito at their place 'coz he didn't want to go to the movies with us. After that, we went to The Reading Cinema down at Chirnside Park but the movie Black Swan was not showing there so we decided to go to another cinema. We ended up going to Eastland Shopping Mall at Ringwood and went to the movie counter to check the schedule. We still have and hour and a ahalf to kill 'coz its showing time was 6:30pm and we got there at 4:00pm, so we roamed around the shopping mall. Went in Kmart and I ended up buying some chocolates again. Yes, because i love chocolates and no one is stopping me! LOL. Fast forward. Inside the movie house, there were only a few people there which is good, I think. When the movie started, I was focusing on it really. I loved the movie. There were some parts of it that I don't like but in totality, I loved it! And if given a chance, I will definitely watch it again. :) Tita Fely loved it too! The movie has to come to an end so we headed back home, to their place. When we got there, Tito was still awake watching the 'teli' and Tita asked him if he had some dinner. He said he didn't so Tita decided to cook us some yummy dinner. Haha. Eating time again! :) She cooked us some yummy bacon and egg for sandwich with some tomatoes. Ooohh yum! My tummy is really having a good time, ey? After dinner, Tita and I had a long chat about life again. I always love these kind of moments with her, 'coz it is indeed so fruitful and we can really relate to each other which is a very wonderful thing, considering our age gap [me - 24 and her - ermm, I don't wanna mention it here (;] We ended up having that chat around 12:30am! That's how good it was. :)

28th of February, Monday -- Last day of the month.
Time flies so fast and I am grateful for that. Weeeh. When I woke up, Tito and Tita were up already and Tita was a bit busy in the kitchen. This day, they are gonna have some friends to come over and also, Ate Kathy, Tito's daughter. I helped with everything to do in the kitchen and helped with the cleaning to be done too. Tita was cooking Shepard's Pie with sweet potatoes and having the smell all over the house is making me really hungry at that moment. The guests arrived around 1:00pm and everything was pretty much ready except for the table to be set. So I helped with that one too. Now, I am going o be really honest here 'coz again, I forgot the visitor's names, but the guy was an Aussie and his wife was a Filipina. They looked like a good couple and when everone was ready to have lunch, we went to the dining room. A few munites later, Ate Kathy arrived and helped herslef down the dining room as well. We had a lovely lunch and again that was filling! I know, I am eating goid food. Hmmm. :) Life is this good. After having lunch, I helped in the kitchen to do the dishes and pans and when everything was done, I prepared and packed my thngs 'coz I am heading home. Tita dropped me off at Chirnside Park where I will catch the bus heading to Know City. Of course, I said bye to everyone and will surely spend another weekend there soon. I love my Tito and Tita. Thank God for them. :)

1st of March, Tuesday -- Cooking and Fire Drill.
I had to work today because I had to replace someone who is in but on lights duties. The person I am replacing is Lee and her program in the morning is cooking with another staff, Bianca. But Helen has to replace Bianca 'coz she's not feeling well today. The morning started with a fire drill and poor me, I didn't even know that it was the fire alarm going making that loud sirene. It was a practice drill and everyone evacuated the centre. It went well, and it was good because I now know what to do when a real fire is already there. But anyway, all was good 'coz the cooking program went alright in the mornig as well. The clients loved the dish we cooked and yes, it was yummy. The recipe was an American one, chicken to be specific but again, I forgot the name of the dish. :( Poor me. Oh well, at least they loved it! :) In the afternoon, we hade the program called Body and Soul and it is actually a realxing program for the clients where they have a chat, enhance their memories and have a bit of stretching for the muscles happening. It was actually intersesting and the clients were attentive and was good on the things happening in that program. So, all went well for today.

I know, this is long. My mind is actually tired now, as well as my fingers so I am gonna relax after posting this one. To all that had read every single thing I shared here, thank you! :) Now I know, having to blog almost every detail happening in my life is a good way to share and express how marvelous Our Creator is. Every moment is a blessing, and every single blessing is a reason to be thankful for.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Ok, this blog is gonna be short. Promise, i'll keep this one short. :)
I am just so happy today 'coz of many thins. I actually wanted to blog and say a lot of things but I have so much to do tonight, so maybe some other time for all the stories and details.
Hmm.. I just wanna share that I am really excited of my band's plans -- that we shall rock again soon when I could have a holiday in the Philippines! Woohoo! That is ganna be exciting! Really! I can't wait to be home. :)

So that's all for now.
Will blog again really soon. ;)

To God be the Glory!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Usapang Mag-Utol

This blog would be about a conversation between me and me older brother, Utol Kuya Charles. I am gonna share this certain text conversation we had last 5th of February, 2011 because I wanna document it, though the text messages are still not deleted in my roaming phone. So anyway, here it goes:

(I will just start on the highlights of the covno and this is in our dialect, Bisayan, I should say)

Me: Pasalamat gihapon ta sa Ginoo tol kay naa pa tay kinabuhi. Tanan pagsulay, kaya jud. Wala man Syay ihatag na dili nato kaya diba? Mao blessed gihapon kaayo ta.

Utol: Mao man. Hehe. Kita pa na anad nag pagsulay? Hahaha. Karon pa ta mag give up? Atai! Hahaha

Me: Mao jud nay pinakatumpak sa tanan tol. Apir beh! Hahaha atai! Hindi tayo kailan man susuko dahil mga anak tayo ng Panginoon! Weee. Waaa. The victory is ours!

Utol: Mag prob ang prob sa atoa bah! Hahaha. Kapuyon ra na sya madugay, mulayas man na! Tan-awa ragud. Timan-i.

Me: Hahaha. Tumpak number two! Haha tumutumpak talaga tayo! Amen to that tol! Hahaha.

Utol: Basta dili lang jud ta mubuhi sa Ginoo kay Siya ang pinaka kuyaw diri sa kalibutan, wala nay lain pa.

Me: Hahaha. Tumpak number three! Haha. Kuyaw jud and Ginoo uy! Perting kuyawa jud! Tested and proven nato na! Haha

Utol: Hahaha. Tumpak na tumpak! Praise God! Hahaha kabantay ka tol? Gihinay-hinay Niya ug han-ay atong kinabuhi karon. One at a time lang daw ana ang Ginoo. Hahahaha.

Me: Kabantay mulang! Perting bantaya jud! Hehe. Ana man ng mga moves ni Lord basta musalig lang jud ta sa Iya. Pinaka gahut si Lord! Naunsa?! Hahaha.

Utol: Gahut mulang! Hahaha. Wala nay mu-gahut pa Niya tol.


Yes, that's a text conversation I had with him that day and I am really happy to have that certain time we spent with each other texting, realizing how marvelous Our Creator is. Remembering every detail that happened in our lives in the past, being able to appreciate what's happening now at present time, and being sure that whatever may happen in the future.. We are gonna make it! Ooohh, tears are falling down my face now while typing these words. I am just very glad that God is working in our daily lives. We are proud to be His children and be a part of His family. And yes, I miss Kuya. :( I miss my utol. He's like my ka-barkada, he's also my bandmate (so in music, we also are together), he's also my ka-tagay (the one na mag-pas-an sa akoa or mukarga pauli sa balay 'coz I cannot walk anymore sa sobra ka-hubog), and he is my one and only older brother na hinding hindi ko ipagpapalit! I love him so much. God knows how much I love him. And now, seeing/knowing that he is happy with his family, his wife and son, I am really thankful to the Most High because of that. I am blessed to have him as my kuya, My Utol Kuya Charles. Malayo man kami, malapit parin sa puso.


Life is indeed wonderful. Everything that God made possible is wonderful. And I am forever thankful that in my life, I have someone I call "Utol".

Sunday, February 6, 2011

‎(7) Pitong Maling Dahilan ng Pagpapakasal

‎1) SENIOR PANIC: lahat ng kaibigan, kaklase nagpakasal na ikaw na lang hindi..napilitang naghanap, kaya kahit sino na lang.

‎2) OLD MAID SYNDROME: lagi ka na lang kasama sa kasalan bilang "bridesmaid"..tumatanda ka na...kaya napilitang mag asawa na lang sa huling byahe. (or groom's men/maid of honor)

‎3) THE GREAT ESCAPE: Malungot bahay nyo laging may away, naghanap ka ngayon ng makakasama para maiba naman ang takbo ng buhay. Yung nakita mo ganun din pala ang sitwasyon, problemado rin sa bahay. kaya ang nangyari mas malaking problema-- ang dalawang problemado gumawa ng bagong pamilya na ganun din ang magiging problema.

‎4) ON THE REBOUND: Ahh, nag break kayo ng BF mo at biglang nag asawa, yung bestfriend mo pala ang secret relationship. Inisip mo kailangang gumanti, kaya yung Ex BF ng bestfriend mo hinila mo agad para pakasalan. Eka nga..gantihan lang yan.

‎5) PRESSURE PLAY: Naku si nanay gusto ang mapangasawa si Kapitbahay na mayaman eh ang pangit..pinakasalan mo na lang..Naging malungkot buhay mo kasi pera ang dahilan ng inyong pagsasama. (o kahit sinong pinapares ng magulang nyo sa inyo)

6) MEET MY NEEDS: Mahilig ka sa Gadgets at syempre nangarap ka ng magarbong buhay, ang problema ayaw mo namang magsumikap. Naisip mo maghanap na lang ng mayaman o foreigner para mabigay ang luho mo. Nakakalungkot kasi along the way marami ang mag aalok sa yo ng magandang buhay sa materyalismong pamumuhay, malaki ang possibility sasama ka rin sa kanya. Masama yan dahil ang pera nakaka uhaw, hindi maiibsan ang ano mang pangangailangan ng pera, merong higit na mainam sa pera..alam mo na kung sino..hmmm..Si Jesus..siya ang tubig na nagbibigay buhay.

7) CRISIS PREGNANCY: Naku nabuntis ka, nagalit ang magulang mo kaya kailangang pakasalan ka nang lalaki. Mali, di dapat nag dedesisyon nang ganun kabilis. baka ang isang pagkakamali madagdagan ng isa pang pagkakamali. Ang mahalaga pag aralan, pag isipan at humingi ng magandang payo sa mga higit na nakakaunawa sa ganitong bagay. Wag agad magpapakasal, ngunit wag din titira o mamamahay sa bahay ng lalaki kung hindi kasal dahil ito ay malaking kasalanan. Wag magsasama ang sino mang hindi ikinakasal. Kung may ganitong sitwasyon, ipaalam sa magulang , sa pastor at sa malalapit na kaibigan. Wag ipalalaglag ang bata, wala silang kinalaman sa problema. Ihanda ang sarili sa ano mang consequences ng pagkakamali at maging matibay sa ganitong panahon. 

--Ang bawat puntos ay hango sa aklat ni Josh Mc Dowell..ang paliwanag ay kay Pastor Dodie..Pagpalain kayo ng Panginoon.

~ Naisipan ko lang i-share ito. Nabasa ko ang mga ito sa status message ni Kuya/Pastor Dodie sa Social network na Facebook. Ate oo, nakuha nito ang atensyon ko sa pamagat palang. Si Kuya Dodie nga pala ay service driver namin noon, nung nasa Malolos, Bulacan pa kami. Mahal na mahal at alagang alaga kami nyan noon at pinalad na natagpuan nya ako sa Facebook dahil sa loob ng mahigit 15 years, hindi na kami nagkita o nagkausap man lang, at eto, nahagilap nya ako sa Facebook at nalaman kong Pastor na pala sya ngayon. Kay buti ng Panginoon! :)

Tungkol sa Pitong Rason na 'yan, maaaring marami pa nga tayong maibibigay na rason/dahilan ng maling pagpapakasal. Sa panahon ngayon, marami ngang nagpapakasal at maghihiwalay lang din, dahil mula nga sa simula nito ay mali na. Para sa akin, ang pagpapakasal ay sagrado at isang sobrang laking bagay na kailangan talagang pag-isipan ng lilyong beses bago pasukin. Kaya para sa akin, hindi dapat minamadali ito at kailangan talagang masimulan sa taman paraan.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Magic 8 Ball

Well, here I go again. I am so gonna blog about this one 'coz I find it freakin' cool! Lol.
It's this thing I bought from Chadstone Shopping Mall with JC (my brother) when we had our date! haha
So, I found this thing in this certain toy store down there and it suddenly got my attention 'coz I've seen this toy/thing in a movie called "And I Love You So" (a Bea A. and Sam M. movie) and it's really cool just watching it from the movie. So I was like, "Oh my gosh! I am so gonna buy this!" LOL.

And so, to make the story short, I ended up buying it and while we were in the bus stop waiting for the bus to get home, we were asking this thing already about some questions answerable by a YES and a NO. It has 8 possible answers and that's probably why it's called Magic 8 Ball. So, anyway, we were asking it some questions and my first question was, "Will we be able to have a vacation in the Philippines next year?" And this thing's answer was, "YES." So, I freaked out! hahaha. And right there and then I decided that I am gonna keep it! hahaha. I am loving it now actually. And I showed it to Momi and everyone at home and they were starting to ask questions, too. They enjoyed it! :D Hmmm, this thing is really interesting.

So, the other night, when I was lying on my bed having a hard time to sleep, I was thinking of this person and this blog is actually about this story. This Magic 8 Ball is just there on the bed beside me, not noticing it 'coz I was too busy thinking about this certain person. And so, the ball suddenly caught my attention and I ended up asking it, of course. I'm like, "Let's see if this really works..."

My first question that night was, "Is he still thinking about me?" and it's answer is shown in the photo below. So, I freaked out again! And my heart was beating really fast. I'm like, "Are you for real?!" LOL. I really took a photo of it's answer 'coz I couldn't get over it!

And so, I asked the ball another question again. The next question was, "Does he want to talk to me?" And the answer, again is shown in the photo below. LOL. I was really having goose bumps when I saw the reply! Hahahaha. I took another photo of the answer 'coz again, I can't get over it! Hahaha.

I had the thought that maybe this thing's answers are for real 'coz the next day, the guy I was talking about sent me a text message and we texted the whole day. :) And so, I was happy then.

In conclusion, this thing for me is really good fun! hahaha. It made me feel and believe that everything it says or answers is real. hahaha. And oh wait, another question I asked when we were still in the bus stop at Chadstone was, "Am I gonna have a boyfriend this year?" And the answer really made me laugh out loud! The answer was, "Reply hazy. Try again later." LOL. It is freakin' funny! Even the Magic 8 Ball is confused about me or is having a hard time to tell me if I am gonna have a boyfriend this year or not. Hahaha. This thing is hilarious I must say! :D

But all kidding aside, as I said, this is just for fun. Of course I don't believe in what it says but it does make you smile and laugh and that's a good thing for me 'coz that's what I need. :D

All our questions are, of course, answered ONLY by the One Above and His answers are always the best and what is right. So cheers mates!

Sunday, January 30, 2011


-- Found this blog post in my FS account from year 2009. Hmm, decided to post it here 'coz I suddenly had the feeling of wanting to be in this certain place again. I miss this place. A place where I can be still and be at peace. Well, if ever the time comes that I could come back home, in the Philippines (Davao City specifically), I will definitely go to this place again. :)

July 13, 2009

The sun is not shining outside and it made me think it’s gonna rain this day. though I have that thought inside my head, still it hasn’t gave me enough reason not to continue my plan for this day. I wanna be alone… again. Alone to think. Alone to write. Alone to cry and if I can, to shout real loud to say what I feel.

And so, I am now here in this certain place where I go whenever I wanna be alone. Actually before, I am not the only one going in this place. I have ‘him’ with me, but since ‘he’ left, now is my third time going here alone. I am here now not because I want to reminisce those times when ‘we’ usually go here and have ‘our’ serious talk about things. I know that I am here because this place is solemn and I can say that I can be with myself more. I can hear the chirping birds, I can feel the blowing wind, I can see these fine green trees and grass around, and most of all, I can feel the beating of my heart and could say that I’m alive and at peace even just for a short span of time.

But i couldn’t deny it. One of the reason why I’m here is because I’m bothered still. I wouldn’t be here if I’m not, right? My mind is battling with my heart and as usual, they don’t meet. I hate it! Yet, I am happy knowing that I am frighting. Particularly, my mind is fighting what this stupid heart feels.

After EVERYTHING that happened to ‘us’, from the time I was left behind to the first encounter after that and that serious talk, I MUST ALWAYS remember this principle,


This is what I must do.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Anong buwan na nga ba? Enero na nga pala.. Bagong taon (2011). Unang blog ko dito sa blog site ko. Ang tagal ko ng gustong mag-blog dito. Di ko lang alam kung ano dapat isulat o sabihin sa sobrang dami. Ang hirap.. Mahirap ipunin lahat at ilagay sa isang blog lang lahat-lahat ng naramdaman at nararamdaman ko. Ang dami ng nangyari mula nung huli akong nag-blog dito.. Sobrang daming emosyon, maraming masasayang sandali, at sobrang dami ding pagluha. Oo nga naman, parte yun ng lahat ng kylangan kong pagdaanan. Nahirapan ako.. Sobrang hirap. Pero sobrang ganda din dahil sobrang buti ng May Likha Sa Akin. Sobrang mahal Nya ko kaya eto parin ako't nagbo-blog ngayon. (sobrang tagalog ko lang ngayon haha)

Pero, walang halong biro, nakaya ko lahat! At makakaya ko pa.

At bakit nga ba naging 'Nuwebe'? Aba, eh.. Subukan nating magbilang pabalik. Bilangin natin ang buwan pabalik.. Ano nga bang mga nangyare nun? Teka lang.. Ayos na ba 'kong magkwento tungkol dito? Preno muna.. Iisipin ko. Pakikiramdaman ko sarili ko...

(hingang malalim)

Eto na.. Ok naman. Mejo ready akong magkwento ng konte..

Abril nung nakaraang taon. Buwan ng sobrang paghihirap ng damdamin. Bakit? Aba, eh.. Na biyak lang naman ang puso ko.. Ulit. Pambihira nga naman. Paulit-ulit na nga talaga. Naiisip ko parin yung mga nangyare. Grabe lang. Na-i-imagine ko sa isip ko ngayon kung gano kahirap yun! Pero bumubuti na ko ngayon. Kasi naaalala ko man yun, pero 'di na kasing sakit gaya ng dati. Oo, aamiin ko.. Masakit parin. Pero 'di na ganun katindi gaya ng dati. Kapagka ang puso nga naman ang nabiyak at nadurog.. Naku! Malaking problema! Pero problema nga ba? Malamang oo, dahil dala-dala ko parin ngayon ang memorya ng lahat ng nangyare. Siguro kung ikwe-kwento ko lahat eh hahaba talaga 'to.. Na as in, mahaba. Pero, hindi nga, masaya ako dahil nakaya ko yun. Masayang malaman na kaya mo palang mawala sa 'yo yung akala mo dati hindi mo kayang mawala sa'yo, at oo, proud ako sa sarili ko! At alam ko yung Nasa Taas, proud na proud din sa 'kin syempre. Alam ko kasi Sya yung kasangga ko nun eh. Sa sobrang pagmamahal Nya sa 'kin.. Eh kinaylangan Nya 'kong batukan na sobrang lakas para mata-uhan daw ako! Naku! Kung mambatok nga naman Sya oh.. Delikado. Pero naman.. Eto ako ngayon. Nakatayo na ulit at mas matindi pa ang kapit sa Kanya. Oh db? Bonggang-bongga lang?

Ang Panginoon, alam kung kelan dapat ibigay sa'yo ang mga bagay na sobrang hirap na pakiramdam mo 'di mo kakayanin sa sobrang hirap at sakit, pero alam na alam Nyang ito yung magiging hakbang para maging matatag ka't kumapit pa ng husto sa Kanya. At eto na.. Nakangiti ako ngayon. :) Salamat sa Kanya.

So, ano na nga? Tatlong buwan nalang isang taon na. Anong pakiramdam kaya ang babalik sa akin? O ano kayang mararamdaman ko pagdating nun? Alamin nalang natin. Nasa dalawang bagay lang yan eh -- kung masayang-masaya ako o iiyak lang buong araw/gabi. Pero malamang din, yung dalawa diba? Hmmm. Na-curious tuloy ako. Pero kahit ano pamang emosyon o pakiramdam meron ako pagdating nun.. Isa lang ang alam ko at sigurado ako -- kasama ko parin Sya at nakahawak parin ako sa Kanya. Yun ang pinakamagandang bagay na ilu-look forward ko.

So pa'no? Mag-e-mote muna 'ko ng konte. Konte lang naman eh.. And sa Kanya parin ako mag-e-emote syempre.

Babalikan ko nalang mga nasabi't sinulat ko dito pagdating ng araw na yun na nag-isang taon na.