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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2nd of March -- Can't Wait For The Weekend

This day has been a good one. Well, of course it's a good one but I'll tell you more about it on why. ;)

This morning, at work, we did the papaer making program and I was with Faye, one of the staff at work and she's a lovely lady I should say -- inside and out. It all went good, everyone worked hard including the clients. After an hour or so of working, Lee, one of the staff, approached me because I had to head down to the reception office where Tanya is (a lady down the front office, who does most of the paper work on all client's profile updating and files). I head down there with my key client's profile from our staff room. So anyway, it was all good. My client's profile was updated already and I am happy about it. There were still some bits and pieces not done but it's pretty much alright as of the moment. Thank You Lord for that one. So after that, I went back to our room and continued with our paper making program. FF (fast forward) -- lunches were all good, we were on time on everything today actually and that is really a good thing. I had my lunch on time, as said on the roster. In the afternoon, I had a swimming program and today, I swam two clients (well, assisted two clients in the pool, in that sense). I was alright about it and we had fun down the pool. :) Thank God again.

Time to go home, but not yet, 'coz I had to meet Mum and Jc at Knox City to do some grocery shopping for the camping and yes, I AM REALLY EXCITED about the camping! I am going to a camp with Beck, my BBAF (best buddy Aussie friend), and I know that it is gonna be awesome! She said we'll be in a group, 15 people to be exact and that's gonna make it more fun! So now, I am really praying for God's guidance for everything that's gonna happen on the weekend. Before we did shopping, we ate at KFC first 'coz we were hungry, and after we enjoyed all our meals, we head down to Coles to do the grocery shopping.

When we got home, I started packing up -- yes, I haven't started packing yet 'coz I am super busy, I must say. Anyway, I am done with that now and I think I've got everything I need for the camp. Yey! I can't wait! :) Tomorrow, after work, Beck and I are gonna pop-in at our place and get all my stuff and head to their place up in Monbulk. I will spend all weekend with Becky and the rest of the group. Ooohh, how I miss camping. Just like my high school days. :)

Anyway, tonight, my Mum and I were able to ring my Utol and it was really nice. Having to hear my Utol's voice again over the phone makes me wanna hug him so tight and say, "Everything's gonna be alright!". Because at the moment, he is really nervous about the operation his son is goona have and that'll be on the 4th of March and it is a major one so we are really praying for that. May God be with my 'pamangkin' and may He guide all the medical team who are gonna be there to do the operation. I know it is not gonna be easy for my Utol and his partner, Mech, but God is good and He always is so I told them not to worry too much. I also promised Utol that I'll text Mech from time to time to monitor what's happening to them in Davao, at Brokenshire Hospital to be exact. So Lord, thank You for the success. We are claiming the victory now because I know You are that good. I am excited for my 'pamangkin's' wellness! I will be a prayer warrior for them tomorrow.

Now, I am ready for bed and I am glad that blessings were so visible on this day. All I can say is, "God, You are so great!".

Goodnight everyone! :)

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