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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

30th of March -- Happiness Is A Choice!

I am really sorry 'coz I said on the blog before this one that I'm gonna be blogging again but I didn't. Yeah, that was yesterday and yes, I was indeed too busy! >.< So anyway, I am here again and I'll try my best to blog some more. I don't know what exactly I should write in here now but as usual, I'll say what I have to say.

Hmmm. Where should I start? :s Ok, I'll start on some happenings today.
Usual routine really -- wake up, go to work, home, and sleep! -- more about work today? Well, I did had fun! :) Not too toxic today but tiring really, as usual, but I am happy. :) I remembered one of the staff asking me yesterday if how do I feel at work, how do I feel about work. I answered back a simple response and said, "I am happy! :)" and he was sort of surprised about my response. Well, that's really what I feel. Should I explain more? :) He further said that he was surprised and wondered why am I happy, saying that he hopes it'll stay long or it would last, and then I thought and said to myself, "Why won't it last? Happiness is a choice!" Yes, I knew what he meant. Thinking that the job we have is tiring and some other facts to be considered to say that happiness would be temporary on this field. But you know what? I don't care! :) 'Coz I am happy and I will be happy 'coz I am and will choose to be happy all the time!

A special friend of mine said to me before that happiness is a choice. At first, I didn't understand what it means but later on I realized that it is true. I would not be saying this just for the heck of saying it, but I am saying this now based on my own experience. Indeed, choosing to be happy is one of my everyday decisions. Whether I would like my day to be sad or just be happy. Yes, we couldn't avoid happenings which make us worried, troubled, sad, lonely, or down.. But still, it is in our hands if we would let these 'nega' feelings eat us in whole! So, should we let them? Of course not!

I'm pretty sure that I blogged something about this before -- that one of the secret ways to be happy is to appreciate every single thing in our lives. Every detail, every second -- because every second counts as a gift. :) Feel blessed, be blessed.

Nighty night everyone!

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  1. i'm pretty sure you said that quote to me...and told me to be too. thanks! :)