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Monday, January 20, 2014

Who Stole My Sushi?

So before going to work today, I bought some sushi for myself so I can have them for dinner at work. I got to work and I've put it in the fridge straight away. Shift started and it was going smoothly. I waited for my dinner break and when I had my turn to have it, was very keen going to the staff room. Went straight to the fridge only to find out that they were gone! I was like, "WHERE IS IT?! WHERE IS MY FOOD?!" So I searched the fridge thoroughly and I couldn't find them. :( Then I was like, "What am I gonna eat now?". Who stole my sushi?

I was keeping my cool but yes, I was pissed off. Who ever did that, that someone must be really hungry, I thought, yet is it reason enough to steal someone else's food? People tend to do things without thinking of other people. People can be selfish. People will do things to satisfy themselves. Sad reality, isn't it? But what calmed me was this fact in my head, the fact that I actually believe in karma and that karma will get him/her. KARMA -- a word so strong yet people tend to forget or ignore it, but it is so true. We all heard the sayings... "What goes around comes around." "Don't do unto others what you don't want others do unto you". Simple as that, but too hard to follow for some. It actually makes me feel so sorry for people who don't respect others. I feel sorry for people who don't actually care for other's feelings. It disgusts me, to be honest... Because if they care enough for themselves, they should know that if they would do something wrong, or would do something to hurt others, it will always, I mean ALWAYS come back to them. One thing that actually makes me feel okay after stuff like this happens is the fact that all through my life, karma has been my best friend, and will always be my best friend. You know why? Because I have eyes from up above. Eyes that can actually see every single thing that's happening. So, good luck to those who've hurt me, those who are plotting something to take me down, because I have eyes everywhere... because my best friend karma is my God, who knows and sees everything. I may not know everything, but my God knows, and like what I've always been doing, I will leave everything to Him, because it is true... I couldn't do anything without Him. I couldn't put it in any other way, My Lord is my saviour, my hero, my knight. He will always look after me. He will always save me. And He will always win the battle for me.

So to who ever stole my food, thank you. Thank you for the reminder that I am looked after by My King. Good luck to you! :)

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