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Monday, May 5, 2014

Joyfulness - May is here!

I know being busy is never a good excuse but please forgive me for not blogging for the whole month of April (it's more like, "forgive yourself, Christine, 'coz I know it's a bit hard for you to accept that you haven't been blogging 'coz you're too occupied for the past two months).

So okay, I'm here now and I actually need my beloved diary to remind me of the events that happened for the past month. I have a feeling that this will be longer than I wanted it to be but oh well, it's a month I missed so...

29.03.14 -- I sat the OET exam! OMG! It was intense and tough and difficult and stressful! But everything was expected. I mean, all the things I've reviewed for were there and though I found it really challenging, I survived the day... and though I remember myself so drained upon coming home, I'm glad to know that I did my best and that's all I could really do.

The next day, I left this note to Gilbert...

...because this is another BIG thing that's happened. I was really surprised and happy when he asked me to move in with him a couple of months ago. Happy and scared, but mostly happy :D It is a BIG thing and I said "Yes." :) Not just because I can, but because I believe that this will make our relationship stronger... plus, he is a wonderful man and I love him... How could I say no? :)

The last two weeks of March, on top of reviewing for the exam and working, was the busy-ness of packing stuff and cleaning...

First week of April -- packing, packing and more packing.
03-04.04.14 -- I was on leave from work to get all the 'moving out, moving in' sorted. My mum and brother are moving in with my soon to be stepdad, one of the most amazing and wise men I know, and his daughter, one of the sweetest and most beautiful girls I know. And me, officially moving in with my super duper boyfriend. :)

I have a thing for windows... and so does he.
We cook for each other :)

05.04.14 -- Gilbert and I drove to Shepparton for one of his mates wedding. It was fun and amazing. I got to know more about his friends and him, and got to witness another beautiful newly weds' special day.



Fast forward a bit...

17.04.14 -- My man's special day. I managed to surprise him at midnight with a cake full of mini candles :) It wasn't very easy to do this 'coz he's always there so I have to hide and organize everything with the best of my ability. And I managed to get him presents to open as well which he really liked, so.... GOAL MET! I made him happy and very special, but it's not over yet because I made reservations for us to have dinner at this parma place in the city called The Duke. He's been wanting to try out their parma there, because he likes parmas like that. So, I did and we had a lovely dinner together. :)

18..04.14 -- MORE CELEBRATIONS! The OET exam results were released online and I was on top of the world when I checked it at work and there I saw my marks! I finally passed! :D Was literally jumping with joy. Also, this day was also an extended birthday celebration for Gilbert's birthday. His mates from highschool were also there together with my group of friends. It was a fun night!

19.04.14 -- EASTER BBQ! We went to one of my friends place to celebrate Easter :) It was also a fun night. We played games like charades and I forgot what that game's name was but it involves guessing a word :/ Anyway,  it was nice with lots of nice people and of course the FOOD! Seafood!!! What??! hehe. I love seafood.

The following week was busy as well >.< I realized we're a very sociable couple.

24-25.04.14 -- Caught up with friends and...

26.04.14 -- We went to a lunch birthday celebration for my Tita (Aunt). Was struggling as I was hangover but  it was great to see my Aunt so happy celebrating her birthday with family and loved ones. :)

01.05.14 -- BBQ AT EVAN'S. Great time with great friends! and again, FOOD!!! Especially the banana cheesecake by the host! OMG! To die for!!! >.< and I'm not kidding. It's insanely beautiful.

And then, of course because I'm getting old and couldn't keep up anymore, I got sick :( So last days of April and first days of May wasn't very nice at all 'coz I got sick and it all started with a sore throat. But, I'm well now... thanks for my awesome man who never fails to look after me, now he's the one sick :( Lucky he has a personal nurse ;) hehe.

To sum it all up, I'm feeling great. We all know that life is not perfect but I'm learning a lot from that fact. I'm learning to appreciate more the things that I have than the things that I don't. I also appreciate the people around me who always supports and cares and loves. I also learned that living with someone also makes you know yourself more as much as you know your partner more and more, and that is just such a wonderful thing. 

To be more aware of who you are and what you are. To aspire on becoming to be a better person, not just for someone, but most especially for yourself. And to never give up on trying because you will never get there if you quit on trying and just lose hope.

The official OET results
Same as life, I am not perfect. I know I can be very difficult and I struggle on gathering myself together when I get too emotional and will end up breaking down... but, I keep trying to be better and I will never give up on myself. I'm really grateful I am with someone who never fails to help me be the best that I can be, who believes in me, who loves me for who I am, and who knows and trusts that I am also that someone for him.

A new chapter of my life has begun and I know along the way I will be alright because I have people who loves me and a great God watching over me. Thank You, for making all these things possible in Your own chosen time. You never fail to amaze me, My King.