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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

HELLO 2015!

First entry for this year! Yay! So much to say and so many things to be thankful for. I'm thinking that I wouldn't have enough time to say everything I wanna say (or blog everything that I want in one go). Insane, right? I've also decided that instead of posting so many photos in Facebook, I'd rather post them here. Reason is because I'm trying to not be on Facebook so much, just because I'm so into it and I'm there almost all the time. I said to myself, I'd rather blog stuff than always posting them on Facebook.

Anyways... I don't know where to start with all the stuff that's happened but I guess it'll be good to start with the Christmas Holidays! :) I've mentioned before that I was excited for Christmas for a couple of reasons, and... wow! I did enjoy Christmas! Gilbert and I drove to Shepparton, Christmas Eve, and got there around dinner time. As per usual, dinner was yum! Auntie Alice (Gil's mum) is a great cook. Then, we chilled and rested, and waited until 12midnight to welcome Christmas. :) Sometimes, I still can't avoid thinking how different celebrating Christmas here is compared to the Philippines. Anyway, it was nice and intimate with Gil's family and of course with Gilbert (because this is our first Christmas together.) Christmas morning was nice and relaxed. Took photos of all the gifts under the tree! Weeeeh!

Gifts under the Christmas tree always make me excited!
We had Christmas lunch and OMG there was Lechon! It was so yum. It's been a while since I had lechon so that was amazing hehe. Soon after lunch we opened Christmas presents and I'm super happy I got a lot of pressies (so as Gil) and I loved all of them!

 Family Christmas Picture

Pictures with the lechon (haha) 

Gilbert and I

Ian and Auntie Alice

Gilbert and I (agian)

Opening all the presents was fun and everyone enjoyed it which was nice. I realized, I can't remember the last time I felt that sort of happiness and excitement. I was also happy that everyone liked our gifts for them. Goal met! GilChris team did well! :)

Highlight of opening my presents was opening Gilbert's presents for me. Yes, there were 3 wrapped gifts. And yes, I was really surprised. My everdearest was super cute with all his efforts hehe. He gave me and Instax Mini8 camera (one wrapped gift), 2boxes of films for the camera (second wrapped gifts, and the last wrapped one was a small box, and in it were two charms for my Pandora bracelet. I'm a happy doll.

Boxing day the next day and Gilbert drove me around Shepp. He also showed me his school and the farm where they used to live before. We also went to the lake. The drive was really  nice. Then we caught up with friends in the evening for a couple of drinks, which was very nice as well.

INSTY (The Instax Camera)

The 2 charms (The Smooth Heart charm and The Galaxy Openwork charm)

Here are some photos by Insty:

Really thanking God for this chance to bond more with Gilbert and his family. I got kinda emotional because at the same time, I was missing my family (both here in Melbourne and in the Philippines) during the Christmas holidays, especially my Papa and Kuya in Davao City. This is actually the first time that I didn't get to celebrate Christmas with my own family. But I didn't get to feel so bad because I'm surrounded by loving and caring people. God is great! :)

I guess I will continue this blog in the next one. For now, I wanna share with you my mantra for the New Year 2015. It goes like this:

"No matter how many mistakes you make 
or how slow your progress,
you are still way ahead of everyone 
who isn't trying."

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