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Monday, September 5, 2016

Bombing in Davao City

2nd of September 2016, at around 2230, there was a bombing that happened in Roxas Avenue of Davao City, Philippines, my hometown... and... my heart is broken.

Roxas Avenue, Davao City Bombing
(Photo not mine)

But we will not be shaken. Yes, we are hurt. We feel anger and hate... but we will stand up and we will face this challenge like any other! We are Davaoenos, and we will survive this!

On top of everything that I'm doing here in Melbourne right now, my mind and heart is back in Davao and I can't help but worry, yet I need to be stronger than this. There is nothing that I could do but to pray for the souls of those who passed away, the victims in the hospitals fighting for their lives and all their families, for my family and friends, for every Davaoenos, for all the Filipino people, and most of all for the president of the Philippines, Tatay Rodrigo Duterte, because I know this is just the beginning of our fight against drugs and crimes in the Philippines.

God, be with everyone. I truly am saddened on how the world can be full of hate, pride and anger, yet I still find faith, hope and love in it. So I pray that love will win. Love wins above all.

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