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Thursday, January 24, 2019


A strong word. A strong feeling. A strong emotion. Something that can take over you and eat you as a whole - Grief.

Yes. I am still grieving inside. As much as I don't wanna feel it, it's there. It comes in as a tiny wave or a huge storm in my heart... and all I can do is to let myself feel it.

At this recent happening in my life, I've realised that grief comes in different forms. You can say you grieve when someone you love so much passes away. But this, this kind of grieving, I don't know how to face it sometimes. I don't know how to manage it. All I know is to allow myself to feel it and face it!

As I let myself flow with grief, I offer this intense sorrow and heartache to God, because I know that He allows us to feel anything... even grief, to remind us that He is greater than all of this. That He is mightier than grief. And so, I offer my heart unto You, oh Lord! Be with me in this tough journey, because I am nothing and no one without You! I trust in You that You are already far ahead and You know and can already see me in the future. You have made everything possible for the best of me, and for me to become your perfect child. Keep molding me Lord, so I may be able to serve you a 100%!

And so... I am grieving, but this too shall pass.


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