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Wednesday, January 30, 2019


I've been meaning to blog but it has been really busy lately. I know. Excuses, right? I'm trying though, so that's good.. I guess.

Anyway, it has been busy. I started work yesterday, and was very grateful for yesterday. I have fallen in love more on the profession that God has set for me, and most especially, I have fallen more in love to the hospital I'm in. Yesterday made me feel like I am in the perfect place where I felt like, yes! God is truly amazing on putting me in a place where my values align with theirs. How cool is that?!

They now call me "The compassion lady" and I feel good about it. The story behind that is quite long. But just know that it comes from a very good place. Also, the CEO recognised me and knows me, including the Mission Director (actually the nickname came from the Mission Director lady hehe). Anyway, these people I've mentioned are truly an inspiration. I felt like I am in good hands and in a good place. Not just from these two people but from the Graduate Nurse Coordinators and the support we get from the Practice Development Nurses. They are all truly amazing! I feel so supported already and I am truly grateful for everything and everyone! Including my colleagues, the new grad nurses from our batch in 2019. We are a bunch of great people who will be serving people in need.

"God, You are amazing! And I feel so overwhelmed on how Your work is full of love. I can feel them all, oh My Lord! You are amazing! And Papeng is right, the dawn is coming and I can nearly see it! I can nearly see the light out of all these darkness. I cry on how You make me feel so loved and cared for. That all these years... since I was in my Momi's womb, You have looked after me until now. Thank You, Lord, for everything and for everyone that surrounds me. I will keep working hard to be a better version of myself so I can give it all back to You! All the glory and praise that You deserve... because You are My King!!!"

Tonight, I will rest with a grateful heart. I thank God for all the blessings... may it be the darkness or the light... He knows what He is doing, and I praise Him with all of me.

I am so excited to embrace the Lord with this new chapter in my life. That maybe, just maybe... He took away something from my heart, and everything that I have... so I can see that He is the only one left. That He is the only one I can turn to. And yes, I humbly thank the Lord for everything that He made possible to happen, just because He loves me that way. And so, I trust in Him.. and on Him alone.

Signing off with a grateful heart.


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