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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Reflections of Little Christine

Wow! I haven't been blogging for I don't know how many months now...


But, I have God to thank for everything.

There are so many things to say, so little time. If I have to write it all down, it's gonna be really long... But, I'm gonna start it with saying...

GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS! I know, 'coz He just answered mine.

Life hasn't been perfect, I get that. To the point where, you start asking God, "Why is this happening to me?! Why?! :(" He definitely doesn't give you the answer right away. Nope. He will do a lot of things to show you that He is God... and that right there is simply amazing!

I'm writing this all down now like nothing tragic has happened to me recently. Like everything has been well, and everything is happy, and good. But nope. It hasn't been. And so far, it has been one of the most tragic events of my life :(

But, it has all been planned by Him. He planned it all 'coz He knows what's best for me, what I need... and it's amazing that after all these years that I have been distant from God, He never gave up on me. He watches over me, He makes sure I am loved and that He is there... He is God. I don't even know how I can express how overwhelmed I am from everything that has happened to me so far, but He continues to show me that He loves me and He has never abandoned me.

My God is an amazing God and now I feel like I can face the world with so much power! I feel so inspired, motivated to move forward for whatever God gives me. It's amazing on how I can stand up and put my chin up, despite the fact that is has been really hard to even get out of bed, like 2-3 weeks ago... But, His love overflows. He reminds me that He is greater than all of this! Greater than whatever life throws at me... and I'm crying while typing away... because I am loved by the most amazing God in the universe. He is there. He is alive. So alive in my heart that I feel like I can conquer the world!!!

Amazing things are coming and I can't freakin' wait!!!

Thank You, Lord for everything!

And thank You for always making me feel Your love and care through people that surrounds me who embraces all of me, accepts everything that I am. I am truly grateful!

MY HEART IS FULL OF LOVE and this is all You, my God. All YOU!!!

So, how is little Christine doing? Little Christine is not a 100% yet, but she is definitely getting there. She is smiling more, laughing more, and embracing all the blessings. She still cries, and she's still hurting, but little Christine has got God, so what more can she ask for, right?

Aaaaaaaahhh~ I can't stop tears from my eyes falling and this is not because I am sad, but because I feel all the love, I feel all the joy. So, thank You Lord for everything that You have made possible, because I simply prayed for it! I prayed for it and have forgotten about it, but still, You answered it and I am simply amazed in wonder of Your love and majesty. Majesty... one of my favorite words. 'Coz when I hear it or speak of it, I simply remember the God that has looked after me from the day I was born, up to this day, the same God has nurtured me and has molded me to be His perfect child. So, yes! Today, little Christine is HAPPY!!!

Praise God and His Majesty! Praise His name above the earth!!!


Signing off for now,

Little Christine

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  1. I'm So happy and so proud of you as always palalabs! #bebrave #bestrong the LORD our GOD is with you. ��