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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Training Day

Today was a struggle. Like, I thought I was going to be free of migraine attacks today because the weather is nice and not too hot... but nope! I had a massive migraine attack on our manual handling taring today T-T

I struggled so much especially this morning, but I was able to excuse myself to but some meds down at the chemist, near the hospital. The meds did help a bit, but I still struggled all day :(

It only eased up on my way home, which I was so thankful about (Thank You, Lord!) So when I got home, I immediately decided to cook us dinner 'coz if not, we have nothing to eat for tonight LOL

Anyways, today has been challenging but it was still amazing! Learnt a lot of stuff, especially from the manual handling training this morning.

I am grateful for today, and I have God to thank for it. Tomorrow, I'm gonna be working on the floor for the first time!!! Woohoo! I'm really excited, but a bit nervous too! I just have to remind myself all the time that I am not alone and I have all the support that I need when I emerge myself on the floor. The staff has been so supportive to me before when I did my placement there, and I feel like everyone around me is there to support me, so I shouldn't be too hard on myself. I know... it's hard for me not to be too hard on myself, 'coz I expect myself to know a lot of things already.. and I do! I know a lot of things... but there are certainly things that I'm still not confident about. Like A LOT OF THINGS. But, I am doing this for Him, and I know that I have Him on my side no matter what. So, I'm gonna try my best to take it easy and to give my full trust in Him. I know He will look after me.

So, today has been okay all in all. My heart is grateful.


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