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Hello you! Yes, you! :) You're here on my page and yes, you will know me... maybe just a glimpse of me but since you're here, you can already see a part of who I am. I welcome you to my blogging world and I'm happy to have you here!

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Monday, March 18, 2019


These days, I have a heart that can praise God in all circumstance. I have a heart that puts my full trust in Him. If there is anything that is so wonderful and magical in what has happened in my life in the past few months, it is the awesome work of My King. He gave me a difficult challenge and that tough trial has lead me to rekindle my relationship with Him. He gave me the biggest challenge yet, and has shown me that I don't need anything or anyone else, only Him.. and Him alone. And, He is right. He is always right. He always manifests Himself with wonders, with questions left unanswered, with hurts that we cannot fathom, only to realise that HE IS GOD, AND HE IS MIGHTY TO SAVE ME!

So many times, I have fallen short of praising Him and calling His name.. and yes, He has missed me. He has missed me so much that He allowed heartaches and pains, just so I can call unto Him again. So I may realise that I have Him and that He is everything I need. Years went on and I was stuck. Stuck in a loop where I didn't even know I needed to be saved.. Until He's made me feel that I need Him. He's made me feel that in Him there is refuge, there is hope, there is true love.

People who knows what has happened to me would wonder, "How come I am okay?", "How can she be happy already?", "How can she act like nothing terrible has happened and that she has hurt people?". These are some of the questions I find people asking. And indeed.. it's fair to ask those questions. Although I may feel like answering them, "Why wouldn't I be happy?", "Can't I be happy or choose to be happy?". But instead of asking more questions, I look up and pray.. I pray that I will have a heart with so much strength, that I may accept the things that I cannot change.. That I may accept and understand how people react and feel. I wanted it so much to answer all their questions.. But, even if how much I try and tell them that there is only one answer.. I don't think they will ever understand that the only reason that I am breathing right now and able to smile is because I have a God that has saved me from my hurts and miseries. That I have a powerful God that I serve. That I have a God that is my true love and hope. I can only pray for others and lift them up to God. I can only pray and ask that one day, they will see, they will understand on how I am so grateful with the life I have, even though I have made mistakes, because the God I have is so loving and merciful and that He will never ever abandon me. How I wish people would know that. How I wish they will see how magical life can be when you're living in faith with God.

And so for the people that don't understand.. I have to let go, and let God. Not cutting them off in my life, but keeping a distance so I can focus on what a beautiful life is in front of me, not dwelling on the hurts and all the questions. I cannot simply dwell on the mistakes I have made, because I'm not gonna be able to move on. If I dwell on the past, it will only keep hurting me and I will continuously be stuck in that loop where I don't have an exit. I don't wanna be stuck in that. I don't wanna be in that place again.. Because now I am reminded that in God there is fullness of joy and healing. How wonderful life is! How great is my God!

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Praise and Worship

It's amazing that in whatever I do, wherever I am... I am able to praise and worship God. It's magical and full of wonders! With everything I feel... whatever it is, I am able to call unto Him and lift Him all of me.

Praising God does awesome things! You straight away feel good and at peace! So now, I always do it... like the most beautiful habit.

I have missed this. I have missed how close I am to God. HE IS ENOUGH FOR ME... MORE THAN ENOUGH! And I am so blessed to have such a powerful King that I serve!


I will never, ever, get tired of praising Him! For He hasn't even once, gotten tired of looking after me, His princess. Thank You, Lord, for all your grace and love. It is new every morning!!! And you always make a way for me to feel your unending and unconditional love.

"My King, I pray, continue to give me a brave heart. A heart that can endure whatever it is that You want me to do. The strength to face every challenge with a grateful heart. The courage to stay positive on top of every difficulty life will bring. You know that I get weak, I get tired.. but I find refuge in You. I find home. So, be with me always, Lord. For you have already planned everything for me. So use me, and mold me to become the beautiful person You have always wanted me to be. I offer you all of me, Lord. In Jesus name I pray... Amen!"

Monday, March 4, 2019

A Grateful Heart

The past week has been tough. Tougher than the past few weeks, I would say. It has to do with the recent happenings in my life, and though I try my very best to stay strong.. my fragile heart still hurts.

I am still learning the beauty of not allowing the opinions of people affect me.. because yes, I do care. I care a lot.. which has lead me to the position where I am now.

I say, my heart is still grateful. Grateful enough that despite the hurtful things that are said about me, I keep myself strong.. and although often times I am not successful in doing so.. still I offer them to God and I am grateful for them.

It just hurts knowing that with a mistake that you have made, people tend to forget all the good things you have done in your life and other people.. especially, the ones you love and hold dearly in your heart. I even felt frustration in the idea of being recognised as someone who has made a mistake, and because of that, they see you as a bad person.

I am only human. I make mistakes. We all do. I know I have done something wrong, but I'm not going to allow myself linger on my mistakes.. because, how am I gonna be able to move on? I don't wanna be stuck on my mistakes. I know my mistakes and I don't plan to repeat them. I didn't even mean to hurt people but in the process of finding myself again, and choosing myself above others.. I am the bad person.

I am not perfect and I'm definitely still in the works of becoming the best version of myself. I chose myself and my happiness and that is ultimately the best decision I have made all these years. I chose to be happier. I chose to live a better life. And I ask myself, is this the price I have to pay for choosing my own happiness? Maybe it is. Maybe this is all part of the process. People hating you and not wanting to see your face or be with you for a while. And that is absolutely fine. I do understand.. because I know they only want what's best for me and not do the same mistakes again.

It's all part of the 'people will have different reactions, feelings, thoughts, and opinions', which are all valid, and I can't change that. What I can do though, is continue to love and care for them. Continue to pray for them. Continue to wait until they heal, too. Like me, I am still in the process of healing and even forgiving myself. Accepting the things that I cannot change, and having the courage to change the things that I can. I'm not in control of others, but I am in control of myself and how I face certain situations.. and that is what I am sticking on. Choosing to do what is right when a difficult situation arises. When my heart is pained by how people see me. I don't wanna dwell in the idea of 'I am such a bad person', because I know that there is no truth in that. I'm a person who made a mistake and I will learn from it. I am a person who will rise up after falling. I am a person who trusts God completely!

So tonight, I offer my worried heart to God. How lucky am I to have a God that loves me unconditionally? That is the sole reason why I am grateful and I find happiness in that fact. That I have God.. so, who could ever be against me? I get hurt and worried but I am not sorry for choosing my own happiness. I am sorry, though, for people I have hurt in the process.

Lord, continue healing my heart and make it stronger than ever, because I know that there are a lot more challenges coming my way. Please continue to bless my heart that it continues to love and care for the people around me. Strengthen all of me that I will win this battle, for I am nothing without You. My faith remains on You, Lord, and I am grateful that I have You in my heart. Continue blessing the people I love and care for, that their hearts will heal, too, as You heal mine. In Jesus name I pray... Amen.