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Love to all!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

What Now?

It's been a while since the last time I've blogged here. Well, I do feel that way maybe because lately I have this feeling of wanting to blog here but I don't have the time, or maybe I just don't know what exactly I should put in here. Yeah, yeah.. I've been busy lately. With the recent IELTS exams -- I don't even wanna talk about it anymore. I left all my worries about that to Him already. And yeah, about the NBV (Nursing Board of Victoria) merging with the AHPRA ( Australian Health Praticioner Regulation Agency) -- I've been so down when I found out about this because I have to re-apply again because my current application expired already, not being able to comply with the requirements that i need to submit before the deadline. Also, they have new application forms, new policy, new requirements, NEW EVERYTHING! In short, i'm back to zero. Oh well, I guess that's just the way it is for now. Yes, it'll be hard and it'll be a pain having to start with everything all over again. But maybe, just maybe, God has a reason for it.

I sort of ended up asking Him a lot of questions then. Does He really want me to be a nurse here? What is His purpose on putting me in this dilemma? What should I do now? Should i continue with the application? Oh God, I still have a lot of questions! And this makes me feel not good enough on what I am doing. And so until now, I'm continually talking to Him. Confusing and I am really emotionally affected by this now, yet, my trust is always with Him. I know in time He will let me know what He wants me to do now. I am really lucky to have my job now becuase without it, I'll go crazy again!

Life would go on for me, of course. I am continually thanking Him for everything -- despite all the stress, all the worries, all the hurts. I know all of these are part of His shaping process on me and so I won't complain. I am also blessed with everyone around me, supporting and giving me the courage to go on -- God's love is made visible because of them and through them He is making my heart smile.

God is unpredictable... mysterious! That is the word! We should always try to seek Him and know Him more to know the things He wants us to do. Although I don't have the answers on what I should do now about my nursing career, I would still put my faith in Him... In Him alone.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

In Someone's Subconscious Mind

Well, since today is my 'self-proclaimed' day-off, I will spend some time blogging here, which I'm finding hard to do now-a-days. Sheeesh. Busy much?

Anyways, I'm just overwhelmed about a certain thing from yesterday. A certain person suddenly made himself visible after some time. Well, I don't know his reasons but, avoiding me maybe? I really don't know. So yeah, I already have the thought that this person has forgotten me already.. But wait, maybe that's an exaggeration.. Let me rephrase.. I already have the thought that this person is not thinking about me anymore. Hmmm.. Which makes it clearer to me now because he said that I was in his dream last night, which means, I am in his subconscious mind. Well, literally, he might not think about me really.. But still i am there in that portion in his brain or mind in which he is not concsious about and is a good thing, or is it? Oh well, somehow, it means a lot to me.. Not really a lot but yeah, I felt good after knowing that. Maybe because this person is still and would always be a part of my life even if there were many not-so-good-things that happened between us. Life is a roller coaster ride really! It excites you.. Makes you feel sick and wanted to vomit.. Makes you high, makes you low. But what matters most is you enjoy the ride. Is that even connected to what I'm blogging here? Geez. I'm now having random thoughts. Typical me, I guess.

That's all for now. :)
Will continue doing some paper works after this, so help me God!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Secret to Happiness

Simple lang ang gusto kong mabahagi dito sa araw na 'to..

Kung ano para sa 'kin ang sikreto sa pagiging masaya :)

Obviously, hindi pa katagalan bago ko fully napanghawakan 'to, but I'm proud enough to share it to all. And dahil din alam kong, grabe ang pag work sa akin ni Lord ngayong taon na 'to.


The secret to happiness?

Para sa 'kin, ito yung nagkaka-interes ka sa bawat detalye na nangyayare sa araw-araw ng buhay mo. Yung tipong, nasaktan ka man, tumawa o umiyak, alam mong lahat yun may rason at magiging insturmento para matuto at maging matatag ka. Hindi mo man malalaman kaagad kung ano ang mga rason, pero alam mo sa puso mo na malalaman mo din sa tamang panahon na itatakda ng Diyos.


Oh diba? Sobrang tagalog lang? :) I don't know if I could express it like that when I'll write it in English kasi feeling ko mas napapalabas ko ang nasa loob ko kapag Tagalog eh.

Lord, Ikaw ang tunay na kaligayahan. Kung sa English, You are the true happiness one could ever have. Ikaw mismo, Lord.. Wala ng iba. :)